Free Admission!

Date: April 19-20th, 2014

Saturday: 9 am to 7 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

Location: University of Arkansas, Union Theater

(inside the Arkansas Union)

Fayetteville, AR 72701

LogiCon was formed because of the need for secular outreach in Arkansas. A joint effort by many local secular groups, LogiCon has proven to be just what the area needs. The goal of LogiCon is to express the importance of reason, logic, and scientific education, support equality for all, and assist in advancing the secular movement forward.

LogiCon 2014 will feature the speakers, Dorion Sagan, Darrel Ray, Jerry DeWitt, Kyle Sanders, Doug Krueger, Cindy Cooper, Scott Austin, Lisa Corrigan, and JP Jennings. It will also host the premiere of, The Scarlet Letter, a documentary exploring the stigma surrounding the word “atheist”.


LogiCon 2012 was the very first year, but it still had some great guest speakers including Aron Ra, Tom Clark, Dr. Scott Austin, Doug Krueger, and Cindy Cooper. LogiCon 2012 also received permission from the director of the critically acclaimed movie, The Ledge, to host a viewing.


LogiCon is primarily funded by a Yearly Chapter Grant to the Northwest Arkansas Humanist Association, a local chapter of the American Humanist Association. The conference would not be possible without the support of several Secular Student Alliance groups, including Occam’s Razors, SSA @ UCA, and Legion of Logic.

Parking: Stadium Drive Garage or Harmon Avenue Garage



12 Responses to About

  1. westruffin says:

    If you could add an additional page that provided information about the exact time and location of the event it would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Jason Bathon says:

      Hello Westruffin, I have updated the “About” page with the details and the campus map. I appreciated your comments and hope this helps.

      Thank You,

      Jason Bathon

  2. westruffin says:

    Is this a free event or where can we go to purchase tickets? Thanks.

    • Jason Bathon says:

      There is no charge for admission! Donations are accepted both now and at the time of the event if you so desire.

      There may be merchandise at the event, but as of now the U of A has said no selling merchandise.

  3. George Sterpka says:

    I’m confused. What city is this in?
    I don’t see any info.

    • Jason Bathon says:

      LogiCon 2012 will be held on the University of Arkansas campus, Fayetteville AR, 72701. I have updated the “About” page as well.

      Thank you for the input.

  4. Robert Park says:

    One week after LogiCon, Freethought Festival 2012, with 21 speakers, in Madison WI. Twitter hashtag #FTF1

  5. Sean says:

    This is awesome! Born and raised in NWA and a UA graduate in 2007. I can’t express how happy and thankful I am that there is an event like this taking place! Awesome line up and subject matter, great website, amazing job to everyone involved in putting on LogiCon! I hope this event is around for years to come!

  6. Jeff Asher says:

    Will this event be held in 2013. If so, when and where? Thank you.

    • Jason Bathon says:

      Hello Jeff, I am sorry for the long wait on a reply. In 2013 the Northwest Arkansas Humanist Association voted to focus on building membership.

      LogiCon will be back on again April 19th and 20th, 2014 at the Verizon Ballroom on the UofA campus.

      Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for more info!

  7. Gary Berger says:

    Hello, I represent the Offshoot Film Fest in Fayetteville. I want to contact the makers of the film “A Scarlett Letter” to see about getting it into our Festival. I could not find contact info on the LogiCon site. I can be reached at garyberger@cox.net Thank you. PS – What day and time does the film show?

    • Jason Bathon says:

      We appreciate the interest. I have sent the director your message.

      The film will be premiering at 5 pm on Saturday, April 19th. Thanks for the visit and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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